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The Year’s Greatest Hits – Search Terms

We used to have television.  Well, we have televisions, but we don’t have television.  Does that make sense?  Electronics versus service.  Seeing as we can’t get anything over the air and Charter hasn’t started giving it away for free (and there are about 10,000 things I’d rather spend the money on), we go without the service.  There’s always Netflix, iTunes, and the internet.  That just about covers everything except for football (although sometimes through the magic of AirPlay it also covers football) and the CBS Sunday Morning show that I used to watch with regularity.

If I think of all the things I could be watching on television, that last one is the thing I miss the most.  I think I’m outside of their demographic, but it has that same feeling to it that NPR does.  It makes me think of warm blankets and snuggling in for a good story.  Of course, being steeped in the ritual of watching the show with my dad while growing up probably has something to do with it as well.

Around this time of year they start airing segments that talk about the proverbial greatest hits of things that happened during the year.  I thought I might do something similar for this here blog.  It meets my geeky need to sort and classify things and maybe, dear reader, you might find it interesting.  This week?  Search terms.


There was a bit of an election year boost this year and by election year I mostly mean the recall elections here in Wisconsin.  Given that the #1 and #2 search term for the year both relate to this (and that I still get searches on the phone number or a variation of it to this day), I’m guessing the Wisconsin GOP has been calling up a storm.  In either case, if you’re searching for this number because it pops up on your caller id and end up here, know that it’s the Wisconsin Republicans calling.  If you want to find out about my experience talking to their volunteers you can read about that here and here.  For the record, I did finally get them to stop calling.  I can’t tell you how happy I was about that.

Wampanoag creation story

This one really surprises me.  When I posted our Origin Stories mini-unit I had no idea that it would be interesting to anyone other than me.  I still love that mini-unit and the resources we used and we all loved “The Children of the Morning Light: Wampanoag Tales as Told by Manitonquat.”  Which reminds me, I should check that book out again.

tomatillo spaghetti sauce

This search term leads me to believe that a whole lot of people had a bumper crop of tomatillos in their garden this year.  This one leads to an old post.  I labeled my experiment round one and then said, somewhat hopefully, “On to round two!”  For the record?  There never was a round two.  I gave up on spaghetti sauce and decided to roast the tomatillos before freezing them in large bags.  What do you do with frozen, roasted tomatillos in your freezer?  My approximation of Chili Verde is a good start.

herb drying rack

This one makes me smile every time it pops up.  If you’re searching for this then you’ll want to head on over here.  That particular post goes all the way back to the beginning of the blog.  You’ll be glad to know that it’s every bit as cheap and easy to build today as it was then.

advent spiral/wooden advent spiral

We’ve had ours for a few years now.  It was a gift from my uncle and ten times better because it’s hand-made.  My uncle is as much of a perfectionist with his wood-craft as my mom is with…everything.  Reader, it’s that good.  Until recently, this search term would surprise me, but then I went looking for brass candle holders to use in our spiral and a few solstice related ornaments.  It’s almost like the market dried up or something because you used to be able to buy all sorts of things for advent/birthday spirals and now there’s hardly anything.  I’m thinking I should tell my uncle to start making them for Etsy.  He’d make out like a bandit!  (Or not?  Maybe demand has dried up too.)

apple cider sangria

I wasn’t the only one wondering if you could make sangria with apple cider this fall.  My recipe and the one it was adapted from are super tasty!

So many of these posts were a necessity is the mother of all invention kind of thing.  I’m glad that the wild hairs and tangents I follow end up so interesting (helpful?) to others.  :0)


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