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WiP Wednesday – One of those weeks


IMG_0200Have you ever had one of those weeks?  You know the one where nothing goes right?

And time flies by.

And everything takes five times longer than you think it will.

Because what you think is going to work doesn’t.

Or something.

That’s my week and it’s the sort of week that makes me want to pack everything up in a box and send it off to someone else.

The husband would chime in here to tell me that I don’t have to be such a perfectionist about everything, but the last time he was going to say that, he stopped in mid-sentence and said, “Never mind.”  He’s a wise man, that man.

I’m trying not to let the pursuit of the perfect spoil the good and press on in spite of it all.  I’ve taken to keeping track of quilting projects in a graph paper spiral notebook.  I originally purchased this for Groceries to use, but then he went off to public school and didn’t need it.  Hmmm…what to use it for?  Graph paper and scotch tape are my two can’t do without sewing supplies.

This particular page is for a project I gave you all a sneak peek of a few days ago.  The illustrious  Sunbonnet Sue in a paper pieced version from Jennifer Ofenstein at Sewhooked.


She actually started out as a bit of a joke.  It’s supposed to be a holiday wall hanging for my dad’s office because he’s given my mom a hard time about Sunbonnet Sue after she sat through an entire quilt guild meeting that was one particular collector’s collection of Sunbonnet Sue tchotchkes.  Only a small fraction of them were quilting related and it was….a bit much.  Sadly, I don’t think he quite knows what to make of it.  He’s getting it anyway, so there.

I have to say, of all the Sunbonnet Sues I’ve seen out there, Ofenstein’s version manages to be both modern and cute.

IMG_0204My other project was meant to be a birthday present for my grandmother.  In the end, I bit off more than I could chew.  There are so many deficiencies with this one that it really is beyond hope.  I’m finishing it out of an obligation to the poor snowmen who stand there so patiently with their vintage button eyes and noses looking at me.  I’ve got the binding halfway finished.  I’ve committed to finishing the binding before putting this wall hanging away in a drawer never to be seen from again.  They’ll find some great company in there with a spring themed table runner that met the same fate.

In non-sewing related spheres I’ve been working on not letting the puppy destroy things which I failed at when he moved his ex-pen over so that he was on top of a book the girls had left on the floor.  I can assure you that Remus had a grand time ripping the book to shreds.  Me?  Hmmm…not so thrilled.  It’s a good thing I love the husband so much because this puppy thing has turned out to be a great deal more work for me.  Yes, yes, I should have predicted that in the first place.  Or maybe said something like, “Dear?  When exactly would you have time for a puppy?”

I’ve also decided what the people on my list are getting for the holidays – and came in under budget!  I’m not done, though, I still need to figure out what the kids are getting and pick out a few birthday presents.  Today’s main task is finalizing my yuletide cookie list and making the corresponding grocery list to go with it.  I might even squeeze in a trip to Menards to look at carpet remnants for my basement space.  Maybe that way the cat won’t end up with quite so many paint chips in her fur.  I would like to invite the former homeowners over and ask them what they were thinking when they painted the floor tiles on the basement floor.  My daily vacuuming does not seem to be keeping up.

Whew!  That’s a lot!  What about you?  Has your week been more successful?

Oh, and don’t forget to stop by Freshly Pieced and see what the others were up to this week!


7 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday – One of those weeks

  1. Time will always fly by, things will often go astray and perfection is unattainable. Welcome to my world!

    I absolutely adore both of your quilts. Who cares whether dad completely understands the pun. I know he will get many, many hours of enjoyment having it hang in his office. It’s difficult for him to be away from home and this will be a wonderful reminder. Besides, the photos he has of his daughters are from high school. Obviously they are way out-of-date. This will be a current remembrance. Oh, and this is a WAY BETTER Sunbonnet Sue that all of the ones I endured at the quilt guild!!!

    Now, on to the snowmen! I think the little quilt is so sweet. I love the fabrics you chose and the embellishments you added. I would be very proud to have it displayed in my home so I know grandma will be as well. Doesn’t make any difference how long it takes to make and finish it. It will be cherished whenever it is ready!

    I know the dog is a real challenge! Cheer up, Sadie has her own problems. All animals have a difficult time fitting into the human world. They do their best, making tons of mistakes along the way. Eventually you both find a happy compromise. In the end it is all worth it. You will look back and laugh at all the mistakes and mishaps. Perhaps you will remember more of the happy times than the frustrations.

    Thank you so much for sharing last Sunday with me. I am so thrilled when we have the opportunity to spend time together, just the two of us. It doesn’t make any difference what we are doing. Just the time spent together is what counts!

    Cheer Up! I think today will be a better one. 🙂

  2. I found your post on Freshly Pieced! Now you have two more clicks!!!!!!

  3. I love Sunbonnet Sue putting the star on the tree. I’ve seen two non-traditional Sunbonnet Sues: one a chain gang with the caption “She touched a quilt,” hanging in a quilt show and the other a quilt entitled “The Real Life and Times of Sunbonnet Sue.” The latter had blocks like a soap opera including a shotgun marriage to Overall Sam.

    Now to see what “Freshly pieced” is all about.

    • Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by! You should definitely check out Freshly Pieced – lots of great quilt-y bloggers over there! :0)

  4. Wow, I’m exhausted 🙂 I have to say that is the only cute Sunbonnet Sue that I have ever seen. She’s really cute.

    • She is, isn’t she? Jennifer Ofenstein has a number of Sunbonnet Sue blocks that are in the same vein as this one and are cute. Certainly cute-er than the more traditional ones. Until recently, while I had a vague idea of who she was, I didn’t know just how much stuff there was out there about her. Emphasis on the stuff part.