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On the Horns of a Dilemma


Backstory:  I haven’t gone to a Yoga class in a very long time.  It may have been cold, but in a spring sort of way.  I’ve done Yoga at home since then, but nothing like I used to do back in 2010/2011.  I’m just not in a Yoga-rich community.

The Dilemma:  I ran into one of my favorite local Yoga teachers at the grocery store.  She used to teach at the one big studio that went out of business and then at the smaller one.  Then she had a baby and now she’s teaching again, but at a different studio.  The one that took over the other big studio’s space in an eerily duplicitous way.

I have taken a class or two at the new big studio in the past, but I really don’t care for the studio owner.  She’s…odd.  She’s also a huge MLM kinda gal which means you get more than you intend when you unwittingly sign up for her email list.  She maintains said list herself making it almost impossible to get removed from the list.  I had to set-up a Gmail filter so that all of her emails went straight to the trash after trying multiple times, unsuccessfully, to get her to remove me from the list.

In short, I had given up ever going to Yoga again.  Because I’m not going back there.

But said teacher is teaching there now, because the studio is literally the only gig in town and while there was that one small one a town over, the location was crappy and almost no one showed up.

So, here’s the deal.  I have childcare for tomorrow night (Hi Mom!) and I could go to a class where I like the teacher.  My upper back has been a little sore so Yoga would be nice.  If I just focus on this, it’s pretty exciting.  Also known as the positives.

The negatives?  The studio owner charges $2 less for a class than they do at the fancy places in Madison and more than a great number of other Madison studios.  Yes, some portion of this will go to the teacher, but the other goes to the wackadoodle studio owner.  Who I do not like and would not want to support financially.  Ever.

Did I mention that you have to fill out paperwork when you go to a class that involves giving your personal information and could get me on some random mailing list that I won’t be able to remove myself from?  The more I think about this the less enthused I feel about going tomorrow.

So, go and ignore one’s principled objections to the wackadoodle?  Or skip it because darn it, I have principles and I’m already paying for the YMCA membership?

Herein lies the horns of my dilemma.


3 thoughts on “On the Horns of a Dilemma

  1. Do you HAVE to give your info? When I am weaned at a store checkout line for my phone number I started giving out a fake number. That really stinks, though.

    would this instructor give you private lessons?

    • oh for heaven’s sake autocorrect! asked, not WEANED….

    • You do have to give at least some info because they typically have you sign a waiver saying you won’t hold them responsible for any injuries you may sustain.

      lol at the autocorrect!! Autocorrect and I are not close friends, no sir! :0)