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I was worried about waiting until now to buy holiday gifts, but I shouldn’t have.

No really.

I started at 9am and it is now just after 11am.With the exception of one gift card that I have to buy locally, I have made all of my purchases, came in under budget, and am now officially done.  Thank you online shopping, I didn’t even have to get dressed!  :0)


4 thoughts on “Done!

  1. I love that so many companies have free shipping at this time of year! Hope you ordered something for yourself?

    • Sadly, no. Well, unless you count the queen size batting that I bought because it was on sale at JoAnns for something like half price. I figure I can cut it up into whatever size I need and save money in the long run. Oh, and black and white Gutermann thread plus a bottle of Best Press. Not particularly fancy, but all things I needed. I will be getting some money from the in-laws, though, and I plan to buy silly and completely non-practical things with that. :0)

  2. I am totally a fan of on-line shopping! I seldom go to a store. Shopping in one’s pj’s is so cool.