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Tuesday Quick Hits – They’re Still Not Listening

Periodically I share some of the interesting posts that come across my Google Reader account.  I do it because I want to share the things that I’ve found interesting, but it’s also a great way of bookmarking them in a way for the future.  Today I also happen to be doing so from my brand new carpeted office which means my toes aren’t freezing into little toe-cicles as I type.  Did I mention this as a win-win?

Today’s theme?  US Republicans (both national elected officials and state elected officials) and why we may want to consider scheduling them appointments to be fitted with a brand spanking new Beltone.

From First Draft, my new found love:

  • On why it’s never time to fight back and remind us again…when will it be the right time?
  • What’s wrong with Republicans when Bob Dole is suddenly too liberal to rouse his own party to ratify a treaty that should have been a no-brainer?  No really, Republicans, why is it that your base has now become the tin-foil hat brigade?  Why?
  • About that Austerity thing?  When did we become a nation of the heartless?  What about those small businesses that Republicans love to fawn all over?  I thought you were the party of the deeply religious and thereby supposedly charitable?  No?
  • I’ve heard of the “right to work for less” slogan when it comes to supposed freedoms and “Right to Work.”  In fact, I daresay I’ve heard this refrain in Wisconsin a time or two before, but I had never heard it referred to as the “Right to be Shitcanned” and I’m totally stealing that from now on.  For the record?  This union thing crosses party lines, y’all realize, yes?  How many elections do you want to lose in the future?  And, seriously?  This should be a wake-up call to Democrats.  Speak up because clearly the Republicans aren’t listening!

This happened too

Still on the subject of unions, Laura Conaway writes about why what’s happening in Michigan is particularly sad.  If I had unlimited funds, I think I’d buy a copy of Philip Dray’s “There is Power in a Union:  The Epic Story of Labor in America” for everyone.  Oh, or maybe “From the Folks Who Brought You the Weekend” by Priscilla Murolo because a picture can be a powerful thing.

About that tax cuts and austerity thing:

And, lastly, y’all realize that you lost the election, yes?  Don’t you think you might want to start listening to voters?  We weren’t really thrilled with you the first time around, what makes you think a second spin through is going to make us like you any better.

Oh, and could we please take redistricting out of partisan hands and into a non-partisan direction?  This is actually my life we’re talking about here.  When will the lives of voters matter more than the power games of parties and the careers of people like Paul Ryan?


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