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WiP Wednesday – Time’s a Flyin’


This first one was a rather quick finish.  My mom’s been working on blocks and quilts that will one day be sent for those who were impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  It’s been quite the project for her, although seeing as she’s having a blast I don’t know that you can necessarily call it work.  She had someone who wasn’t able to complete two blocks and asked if I would be interested in making the blocks.  I’ve already helped with a few that needed some tweaking so I was definitely in!


It all began with dumping out my scrap jar.  Seriously, though?  I think that might have been the most fun!  It was a little bit like taking a journey back in time through all of my quilting projects this year.


I also got to break out the Best Press.  I would have preferred the unscented version, but my local fabric shop only carries scented ones.  Why does everything have to be scented?

I’m happy to report that it’s not as bad as some of the other scents they sell.  It’s a bit like the soap in my grandmother’s bathroom, but if I had my choice, I definitely would have gone unscented.  For the record, it’s the only thing that’s ever gotten those pesky creases out of the fat quarters from JoAnns.  No amount of steam or water was ever able to remove them completely.  Best Press did it the first time.   I can see where this is going to be very helpful!


Chronologically speaking, this one’s next and it’s also no longer in progress.  I’m actually a bit surprised by how quickly the carpet went in from the moment we brought it home until when we got the chance to do the actual installing.  Menards was having a sale on their backing attached carpet.  I don’t know for sure what they call it, but we installed a great many floors worth of the carpet at our first house.  It doesn’t require tack strips or stretching.  Technically there’s a tape you’re supposed to use with it and while The Husband is still talking about getting some for the edges, at the moment he thinks there’s plenty of heavy furniture to anchor it down.

The cats have regarded the new carpet with immense suspicion.  One of them still won’t walk normally over it which seems kind of funny seeing as there is carpet in the family room.  The dog could care less, but the kids?  Oh, my, it’s like a magnet.  Groceries wanted to play with his cars “on the new carpet” last night before I redirected him to get ready for bed.  The girls spent much of the morning yesterday using it for their new stage.  Sans socks, of course, because…carpet, duh!
IMG_0373I’m just about finished attaching the binding on the snowman quilt.  Notice the binder clips?  That’s all I have left.


I got two rows of the fleece throw sewn together, but if the pins and piles are any indication, I still have a long way to go. This is one of those projects where, if I had known what I was doing, I never would have started. :0)
IMG_0376I also started the quilting on Sunbonnet Sue.  So far I’m liking what I see, although I am thinking about taking some of the quilting out over on Sue’s side.  Yeah, there are ten days until Solstice…there’s no way this is going to be finished before the holidays.

But mostly?
IMG_0388 I’m dreaming up what to do with this little bundle of fabric.  It’s calling my name.  Clearly something must be done.

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7 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday – Time’s a Flyin’

  1. I’m so glad you finally got some carpet. Great job on the blocks!

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