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Cookies for Yule – #1 Chocolate Gingerbread from King Arthur Flour


Setting: My house, just after 10am on Wednesday.

Why did you make cookies this morning?

Um, because Solstice is only nine days away.


Well, if I’m going to make seven different kinds of cookies and I only want to make one a day I need to get started, like yesterday.


Who would have thought that I needed an official reason to make cookies?  Next thing you know he’s going to ask why I put the cookies in the freezer.  (So that we have cookies to eat on Solstice – seems like a no-brainer to me.  So far he hasn’t asked and for the record, I still have cookies left.)

IMG_0394So, sju slags, or roughly translated, it’s not the holidays unless there are multiple kinds of cookies available to eat, but preferably an odd number greater than or equal to seven.  It only took me a month, but I finally made up my mind and got started.  A few days ago I even showed you my spreadsheet because I’m quirky that way.   Yes, I do have a spreadsheet for everything and am contemplating creating a “Purchase Request Form” for the husband to fill out when we need to spend money on something like car repairs.  No, it won’t be in triplicate, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t briefly consider it.  Let’s just say that if I wasn’t so cheap I would have probably already had them printed.

Where was I again?  Ah, yes, cookies.

Today’s cookie is one from the King Arthur Flour website called Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies.  I (mostly) followed the recipe, although I do wish I had cut down the sugar a great deal more than I did.  Oh, and I used sparkling sugar instead of pearl sugar because buying pearl sugar just for one cookie seemed a little silly.  I also wish that I had gotten a dark chocolate bar and chopped it up to replace the mini-chocolate chips I picked up at the grocery store.

Seriously, though, all picky bits aside, they’re mighty tasty!  I’m adding this to my “definitely worth trying again” list (and maybe next time they’ll spread out a bit more?).

I have six more kinds of cookies to make before the 21st.  If you want to get a preview of where I’m headed, you can check out the Pinterest board I made for just such a thing.  Otherwise, if you’re like the husband and prefer to revel in the suspense, check back here tomorrow for #2!


4 thoughts on “Cookies for Yule – #1 Chocolate Gingerbread from King Arthur Flour

  1. Will I be getting samples?

  2. I just checked your Pinterest Board . . . I definitely expecting samples, of each one. PLEASE!