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Cookies for Yule – #4 Shimmer Cookies


Earlier this week I had a feeling that I might not get to all seven cookies in time for the holiday, but with this one finished I think it’s pretty much assured that I will have time to spare.  More logical (methodical?) folks would have spread them out a few at a time instead of in rapid succession, but, perhaps as far as cookies are concerned perhaps later is better.

At least if you want cookies left for the holiday in question.

Or maybe that’s just true for my house?

IMG_0465When I saw the picture of these Shimmer Cookies in the King Arthur Flour catalog I was smitten.  There was something rather simple about them in spite of their dramatic presentation.  I am happy to report that they were very simple to make.  I did cut the sugar just a tad as is often the case when frosting and sprinkles are involved.  I suspect that I could have cut it even further and had a similarly successful result.

The key to this recipe is the Fiori di Sicilia.  I purchased mine from King Arthur Flour directly, but you could certainly try locating it elsewhere.  It’s a tad on the expensive side, though if it makes you feel any better you use precious little of it in the recipe.  On the bright side, I think I’ve found something that will work equally well in the Pan de Muerto recipe I’ve always put off making.  My only concern was that the bottle tells you not to let it get into direct contact with plastic.  Why is that?

This one’s definitely returning next year whether any of the rest of the family likes it or not.  I suppose that’s what you call a baker’s prerogative.


2 thoughts on “Cookies for Yule – #4 Shimmer Cookies

  1. They look so pretty

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