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The Reason For The Season


Nature is Sacred

I will put up a post tomorrow about celebrating Yule, but I came across this picture which reminds us why we celebrate this time…
winter solstice pic

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3 thoughts on “The Reason For The Season

  1. It’s our celebration as well, plus it’s my son’s birthday tomorrow and he is turning 18 (Holy Sh#t). Looking forward to hearing about your solstice. xoxo

    • Ah, I was just too lazy to do it any other way than by WordPress reblog and I couldn’t delete the text. For a more interesting post on Solstice celebration, you’ll have to stop by Naturalistic Pantheist Musings.

      Sadly, it’s going to be rather uneventful around here. The combination of my youngest’s epic bout with gastroenteritis and a trip with family who celebrate Christmas (and couldn’t understand why I was less than thrilled with their grand plans) has pretty much ruined my holiday. If we’re lucky the husband will drag out the fire ring, but I’m not making any promises. No fancy dinner, no ritual, and the kids are lucky I’ve already wrapped their presents. If it were up to me, I’d have cancelled it all already.

      Hopefully your celebration will be better than mine. Happy birthday wishes to your son (holy shit is right!). :0)

      I’m glad you’re back. I missed your perspective while you were gone!

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