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Ian’s Pizza in Legos


The other day my second grader announced that he had made a restaurant.  Can you guess which restaurant it is?


If you look closely, you can see the name right above it – IAN – as in he made his very own Ian’s Pizza.  My son (whom we affectionately call Groceries) has an everlasting love affair with Ian’s Pizza on State Street in Madison.  If we lived in Madison, I suspect he’d be eating there every day.  He was incredibly excited when one of the employees give him an Ian’s sticker which he proudly displays on his bedroom door.  Sorry, no ‘S’ for the name, he ran out of room.

IMG_0869On the left side of the picture is the kitchen complete with counter, cash register, and pizza oven (the red box).  There’s also a TV in the dining room which, although not strictly canonical, makes me chuckle.


Much like the real Ian’s Pizza, there are plenty of places to sit.  Here’s a booth,


a table and chairs,

IMG_0877and an outdoor seating area for when the weather’s nice.


6 thoughts on “Ian’s Pizza in Legos

  1. What an idustrious kiddo! This made me smile: “My son (whom we affectionately call Groceries)….” Awesome nickname.

    • It’s possible that I’ve watched “Eat, Pray, Love” a few too many times, but the last time through when Richard calls the main character Groceries because she can pack away her groceries, it dawned on me that I had seen the same thing sitting across the table from me every night at dinner. He’s the skinniest, most chicken-legged boy his age that I’ve seen and it still amazes me just how much food he can pack away in one sitting.

      He spends every waking hour that he’s not at school playing with Legos so I know he’ll be tickled when he sees his building online (and the tweet and Facebook post from Ian’s). Thank you for your kind comments!

  2. Absolutely amazing! He’s quite the young man.

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