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This Week – Bread and Fabric


I had some plans for what I was going to write today, but then again I’ve been doing quite a bit of this…

and this…
IMG_0949Three batches of artisan rolls, two loaves of bread, pumpkin muffins, five skirts (no pictures because they flew from the studio the moment they were finished), and one doll dress.  It’s been a full week!



4 thoughts on “This Week – Bread and Fabric

  1. I made my first loaf (2, actually as the recipe created that much) the other night. The sense of accomplishment, as a woman and a mother, was beyond belief. This was from scratch with no bread maker. It was awesome. Don’t you agree?


  2. Oh . . . the fragrance of home-made bread . . . YUM!

    Adorable doll dress. Now which doll might that be for? Can’t wait to see the skirts. Doesn’t matter if they are clean or dirty.

    • The doll dress is for Lou’s AG doll. I started on Saturday for Boo’s doll. They are great skirts, aren’t they? (Since you’ve seen them in person. I really should get a picture of them for the blog.)