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Why Not?


I (almost) never win anything. The last time my name was drawn in a giveaway was in 2009 when I got the cutest little felt fairy from Imagine Childhood. (For the record? I love, love, love their store.) Still, I figure statistically speaking, if I keep entering giveaways, my name is bound to pop up at some point which is why at the end of December, you could find me entering the giveaways over at the ever lovely Mrs. G’s Derfwad Manor.

You can probably imagine my fall-off-the-chair level of shock when I discovered that I had actually won. Reader, if you know me in person, I think you’ll say that I’m a fairly reserved person. You would never have found the teenage me yelling and fainting over some musician or actor. When I worked at a radio station in my college years and we hosted artist concerts, I actually went out of my way to not talk to them. And, unless you are my children picking on one another for the 10,000 time that day, after I asked you more times than I can count to please for the love of Pete knock it off, you can rest assured that I’m not prone to raising my voice. That being said, I wouldn’t deny the tiniest of squeals when I saw my name printed there on the screen as the winner.

Statistics, dear reader, statistics.

IMG_1035See, Meredith over at Whynot Pottery was celebrating her 30th year last year and had made some particularly wonderful bottles in celebration of this momentous occasion. Naturally, being the loyal (and talented) Derf that she is, she offered up one of these amazing pieces as a giveaway over at Derfwad Manor. At this point, I could wax poetically about pottery and could swear that I have done so in the past (particularly about the tears I shed over a broken mug a few years ago – rest assured I have replaced the mug and tea time continues as it has before), but I have yet to locate a post and this really isn’t about my love of pottery. Just know, of all the giveaways on all of the websites I have entered over the years, this is one of the ones that I secretly held out hope for winning.


There are many things I love about this piece. The heft that says the potter cares about their work – that they create because it’s a love, not because they’re an assembly line of profit. The glaze is impeccable. The shape? Gentle curves that remind me ever so much of an heirloom tomato in the garden ripening under the summer afternoon sun. Not just functional. Beautiful.

Love it. As in on the shelf in my studio with my treasures – my own quilts, my grandmother’s recipe boxes, and the wedding pictures I love so much.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Meredith and Mrs. G for this fantastic end of the year surprise. I think about the only way I can even begin to do so is to suggest that you run, not walk, on over to Meredith’s website, check out her Etsy shop, and read her blog. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. (I can also guarantee that if you order by mail from her that your purchase will be lovingly and carefully packaged. I have yet to see a more securely packaged item sent to my doorstep.)

Thank you both.


14 thoughts on “Why Not?

  1. You are so kind!
    I am so happy to know that the bottle is living at your house all happy and sung.
    Please enjoy!

  2. That is a gorgeous pot and your description of it as being like an heirloom tomato is perfect. I’m enjoying poking around your blog.

    • Thanks! I don’t know if that was the inspiration for the potter, but it was certainly a welcome reminder that summer will once again return. I’m glad that you’re enjoying your visit – hope to see you around here again in the future! :0)

  3. AND, I have to say, the bread in your header is glorious!

  4. I have a Meredith vase on my special shelf too. That is a beauty. I love that you won!

    • Oh, you’re definitely lucky! I think it makes the perfect vessel for such a thing. I’m thinking of calling mine my “inspiration jar” which is just the sort of thing I think a studio needs.

  5. That one’s a beauty it is! Love her work (and her…she’s my sister). Enjoy!

    • What could be better than sisters (I have two of my own)? Thanks (for both your well wishes and for stopping by) – I’m sure I will enjoy it for years to come.

  6. Really, really cool pottery. Congrats on winning!

  7. When I saw your name I squealed with delight too! :0)