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WIP Wednesday – Practical Projects


I haven’t quilted in the longest time.  I had been trying to get the Sunbonnet Sue wall hanging completed, but then ran out of time before the holiday so she sits waiting for her binding.  Poor girl, I think it’s going to be awhile.  I did complete the snowmen wall hanging this week which had an embarrassingly small amount of binding left to stitch on.  There was a point when the need to finish things hit me that netted that one plus a few partial finishes before it petered out.  What can I say?  Inspiration is a fickle bitch partner.

Lately, instead of quilting, I’ve been working on practical projects that I can not only use every other day, but that I can finish relatively quickly.  Plus, I’ve been stocking up on fabric while things were on sale (and that one place in Fort Atkinson that was going out of business) so that I could make better use of my limited fabric fund.  Emphasis on the limited.  It’s been a great deal easier to sew knowing that I already have fabric to draw on without needing to leave home.

First is a design notebook.  I love my spiral bound quad ruled notebook, but it’s not very pretty.  A quick Google search revealed that you can get quad ruled composition notebooks which meant that this Indygo Junction Composition Covers pattern (on sale at JoAnns) would work perfectly.


I’m adjusting the pattern ever so slightly by eliminating the decorative band across the front.  I really (really, really) love this Michael Miller Eiffel Tower fabric and didn’t want to cover it up with anything.  So, no decorative band on the outside, but there’s still plenty of room for flair on the inside.  What’s not to love about fabric that looks like handwriting paper (Moda’s Bungle Jungle)?  Reader, have I mentioned my love for handwriting paper before?  No?  Let’s just say it’s a borderline obsession in all of its newsprint-y goodness.

When I showed my design notebook and my plans to make a pretty cover to my mom she indicated that she like the idea as well.  I figured if I was making one for myself, a second for someone else was easy peasy.  My mom’s main fabric is some Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow that I picked up from Jeni Baker’s destash.  I love this fabric almost equally as much as I love the Eiffel Tower fabric so you know that I love my mom because I wouldn’t share this with just anyone.  Nope.


I’m using a green print that I picked up at JoAnns (on sale, of course) to use on the inside for the lining and business card/pen pockets.  The bigger question, though is if I should put the decorative band on the outside in the same fabric bordered by some maxi piping or leave it plain.


I have no idea.  On the one hand it’s nice.  On the other hand it does cover up some of the pretty fabric.  Hmmmm…


I finished up the doll dress for Lou’s American Girl doll (a re-gift from my grandmother and purchased at the annual sale locally, I think it might actually be a Pleasant Company doll from before Mattel bought them).  It’s a couple of fabrics from the Lucy’s Crab Shack line and a pattern out of  “Oliver+S Little Things to Sew.”  All this one needs is a couple of snaps to complete it.


And, of course, if I’m going to make one doll dress for Lou, then I need to make another one for Boo.  Boo has two dolls, a My Generation doll from her Nana & Buppa and an American Girl doll from my grandmother (also purchased at the local sale) that she got to match Lou’s. This dress should fit either of her dolls and is also made from some fat quarters of Lucy’s Crab Shack that I picked up at Life’s A Stitch (on sale, of course).  My motto when sewing curves is that you can never use enough pins.


I bought the pattern for this one at a quilt shop in Fort Atkinson that was going out of business.  The pattern plus two Atkinson zippers costs me less than $5.  How’s that for a bargain?  The fabric looks familiar, yes?  I still have some left, if you can believe it, which means I’ve made it stretch quite a bit.  The pattern is mama’s stuff sewing organizer from Sweetwater.  The pattern is easy enough, though not as well documented as I would have liked.  There were plenty of…deficiencies in my construction.  You know, those tiny little mistakes that most folks wouldn’t notice, but that I will always see forever more?   I’m happy to report that post-binding they are barely noticeable.  I may even make a second one for my mom.


The inside with two zipper pockets with vinyl so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.  I thought it would be perfect for those times that I take a project with me to the quilt guild meeting and far more preferable than just putting the thread, needles, and scissors into a bag and hoping for the best.  Notice the button there?  That’s one of those deficiencies.  I’m sort of wishing that I had put it on earlier than the pattern dictates.

IMG_1076This is my (partial) to-do list (well, aside from the one I already have on Pinterest).  So many practical (and not so practical) projects are on the horizon!

From “Sewing in No Time” by Emma Hardy:

  • fireplace screen
  • drawstring toy bags
  • fabric covered storage box
  • floor pillows
  • floral pillow with ties

From “Quilt Revival” by Nancy Mahoney:

  • 30’s Shadow Star

From “Oliver+S Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson:

  • tutu (x2)
  • reversible bucket hat (x3)
  • tea party doll dress (x2)
  • travel quilt (?)

From “Handmade Home” by Amanda Blake Soule:

  • beach blanket

From “Bend the Rules Sewing” by Amy Karol:

  • pleated beauty bag

Seeing Squares (small) from Empty Bobbin

Bailey Island Hobo from Aunties Two Patterns (needs handles – drapery grommets?)

From Oliver+S:

This is going to be a fun winter!!


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Practical Projects

  1. I love, love, love it all. Now, if I were deciding whether to include the band or not I would say include the band. Yes, yes, yes it does cover up part of the absolutely gorgeous fabric underneath but it adds just a touch of pizzazz to push it all over-the-top!

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