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Thanks, Ian’s Pizza!

Last week I had a post with my son’s Lego version of Ian’s Pizza. I shared the link with Ian’s on Twitter and they loved it which was cool because Groceries loves Ian’s. They in turn shared the link with their followers on Twitter (and Facebook) and then sent me an email asking if they could send Groceries a t-shirt. Um…of course!


Reader, would you believe they also sent him coupons for free pizza?!?  Two slices of Mac and Cheese pizza, here we come!



By way of mama’s magic time machine, here’s his very first slice of Ian’s Pizza back in February 2011.  That was a big day, reader, in more ways than one.  I guess it just goes to show you, you never know how that one small thing today will make a connection years later.

Thanks again, Ian’s!  You guys really do rock!


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