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Quiet Spaces


IMG_1166Things around my house can be crazy.  Like, really crazy.  It’s tough to stay on top of the mountains of things that a family of five can somehow generate or at least make appear as if from thin air.  I have a daily battle with the things that appear on my kitchen counters (a war at which I am presently losing) not to mention the toys, books, and papers that seem magnetically attracted to the floor.

By way of context, I should point out that my definition of “mountains” and “clutter” and “mess” are probably different from most people’s.  We’re not talking hoarderville here and as my husband is keen to point out, my messiest days are many other folks’ cleanest.  Still, it’s cluttered to me and the worst of it is often in my studio which has become the catch-all for anything I don’t want on the kitchen counter upstairs.

In the interests of sanity, I try to maintain one space in the house that is off-limits to other people’s stuff.  That space has become the table I rescued from my grandmother’s basement.  Last week I removed the Yule tree and lights, gave it a coat of beeswax furniture polish, and dressed it up for a new holiday season.  Some red and pink to remind me of warmth and fire (and a reminder that Imbloc is on the way), a pomegranate to bring to mind Persephone’s trip to the underworld, some amethyst, treasured antiques, my plant, and a few handmade items on which to place it all.

It’s my sunshine when the day is cloudy and the reminder of the need for a little bit of silence every day (just the sort of thing lacking in a house full of three children, two cats, and an exuberant Golden Retriever puppy).



7 thoughts on “Quiet Spaces

  1. “It’s my sunshine when the day is cloudy” —- If we can just apply this to our lives as well, if we can feel the joy & warmth of little things around us & make them a reson 2 b happy.. instead of waiting restlessly for long awaited desires.
    This blog certainly has a deep meaning hidden behind it…n i liked reading this..

  2. What an inspiring photo of a calming space. Thank you for sharing it, and for reminding me how important these little altars are. (And yum, your red and aqua table runner!)

    • Oh, thank you very much! My mom made the table runner for me. I think she used a charm pack of Moda’s Flirt, but I don’t know what pattern she used (which reminds me, I owe her some pictures of it!!). I’m glad that you were inspired! These days I’m thinking that each significant room (or space) in our life needs an altar of its own. Something to remind us, as it were, that sometimes slower really is best and that silence is not something that needs to be filled.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a beautiful and restful space. I think it’s very important for people to have a space that is just theirs. It may be doubly important for moms, because so much of their space (personal, physical, environmental) gets claimed as public property.