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Movie Thursday – “How to Cook Your Life”

I’ve spent the last half-hour wasting time as I tried to settle into the practice of writing before looking up at the slip of paper I had tacked up to the right of my computer screen.  On it, I’ve written a short list of titles that I want to either check out from the library, read again, or continue reading presently.  It’s also, not so coincidentally, a cross-section of what speaks most powerfully to me in this moment.  Instead of writing about that, I’m going to instead include a trailer for a documentary that I think is valuable enough to watch or at least as valuable as anything is to watch.  Mostly, though, it’s because there are still things percolating inside my head and what would break forth now would be a jumbled, tangled mess.

This is one of those documentaries that’s at times more than a little uncomfortable and I think that’s probably a good thing because the only sorts who insist that personal change comes about quickly or miraculously or due to any outside influence are the sorts who point to a supposed supernatural origin.  For the rest of us, change comes in fits and starts and looks a whole lot more like work than miracle.  Perhaps not so surprisingly, this is a take home message I can whole-heartedly endorse.


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