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Oh no! (or Whatever happened to The Baker’s Window?)


The family and I had an outing planned for today that included a trip to the Madison Children’s Museum, Ian’s Pizza, and my favorite little bakery.  Today dawned with two of my little ones under the weather ala upper respiratory crud.  Not being one to share our germs with other children when at all possible, we decided to postpone our trip to the museum.  Cold or not, lunch was still a go as was a trip to the little bakery for pain au chocolat.  Best two out of three?

Would you believe we were only able to follow through on lunch?  The little bakery, while open, was quite different.  Gone were the artisan breads with their caramel colored loaves.  The croissants were lackluster in appearance with nary a layer in sight.  The big bags of flour that used to sit out by the little counter were nowhere to be found.  What replaced it were various vegan pastries and one gluten-free oddity.  Something wasn’t quite right about the cheery little place that reminded the husband so much of his trip to France.  How could they do that to our favorite little place?

The husband suggested a trip to Starbucks afterwards to try and redeem our trip.  Using their WiFi, I was able to figure out that the husband’s hunch was correct – the original head bakers were no longer associated with the bakery and hadn’t been since September of last year.   Hard to believe it had been that long since we had last been there.  While we’re hopeful that their new venture will open soon, that still left us with a gaping pain au chocolate hole in our day.  How to remedy this?

IMG_1394Not my bread – this one’s a batard from La Baguette.

Forgetting about Madison Sourdough completely (which would have been much closer), we decided to head out to the west side of town and stop by La Baguette on Mineral Point Rd.  Sadly, no pain au chocolate there either (not their fault, they were out) which left us wondering if there was some grand conspiracy afoot (only slightly, not literally anyway).  The husband decided he would buy something…anything, seeing as we had driven all the way out there.  In the end, he got to exercise his high school French and I got another day off from my new un-paid part-time job.

I can’t say as the day was redeemed totally, but it’s certainly a start.


2 thoughts on “Oh no! (or Whatever happened to The Baker’s Window?)

    • Oh, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for future announcements! My husband always said that your bread (and croissant) was the best he’d had since he was in France. We look forward to that again!