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What’s for Dinner – Wake Me Up When It’s Spring


I’m about sick and tired of the whole familial sick and tired thing.  This is not unusual for me this time of year and while I’d like to say that I’m used to it by now (what with the kids and all), I resent it getting in there and messing up my plans and menus.  Yes, my kids are sick less often than most.  No, that still doesn’t make me feel better.

Could someone wake me up when it’s spring?



Sunday being Chinese New Year, we’re going to celebrate with the New Year Dumplings recipe I found in “Moonbeams, Dumplings, and Dragon Boats” by Nina Simonds and Leslie Swartz.  Well, we were going to, but then I waited until yesterday to buy the appropriate wrappers and…yeah, we’re having frozen ones instead.  We’re also going to have Rice Bowls (a carry over from last week).

Ramen is fairly self-explanatory.  Seeing as it’s YMCA Monday, keeping preparation time to a minimum is key.  I’ll be adding a frozen stir-fry veggie blend to ours even though my kids consider that sacrilege.

Minestrone Soup is my favorite recipe out of Jessica Prentice’s “Full Moon Feast.”  I’ll be serving ours with homemade bread.

I’m a sucker for waffles, as is everyone else in my family.  This week we’ll be having Smitten Kitchen’s buttermilk waffle recipe (minus the whole egg white whisking/folding thing).  It’s one of a few in our waffle repertoire.  The eggs will be scrambled and the sausage is from Applegate Farms.

I love tempeh, but haven’t had it in a very loooooong time.  We’ll be having the Tempeh Tacos in Cynthia Lair’s “Feeding the Whole Family.”

Hot Dogs and Mac is pretty standard fare.  I’m going to be making that for the kids along with some steamed veggies.  I have no idea what the husband and I will be eating.  Seeing as it’s supposed to be our Valentine’s Day thing, I’m contemplating Beer Mac and Cheese, but we may very well order in.

Baked Chickpea Burgers are from an old favorite of mine, “The Vegetarian Family Cookbook” by Nava Atlas.  We’ll be serving ours in homemade pita bread (or maybe with naan) topped with micro greens and avocados.  To complete the meal I’ll also be serving a green salad (lettuce, fennel, red cabbage, green onions, cucumber, and green pepper).  Yum!

So ends another week’s menu.  What about you, dear reader?  What’s on your plate?

4 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner – Wake Me Up When It’s Spring

  1. It must be February. Had a nice meal last night and tonight I think it will be pizza — ordered in, which I usually don’t do. Have you ever tried something like chicken a la king over waffles? Make the batter less sweet or even add herbs or cooked wild rice etc. Another way to enjoy an old favorite.

    • I hadn’t considered Chicken a la King, but I have been toying with a few savory ideas for waffles. This past summer I stumbled across a blog that waffle-ized everything and got the gears turning for me, but I think the kids will resort if I go too far out there!

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