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My New Hobby

Who knew watching videos on dog grooming would be so much fun?  Hmmm…or maybe not.  The husband’s puppy has an ear infection (lovely) that ended up with me taking all three minions plus the dog into the vet’s office this afternoon.  It was…a circus.  The poor guy thought he was just going for a car ride today to pick up the kids from school and ended up at the vet in the end.

I’m trying my best not to go where I’d like to go because it doesn’t matter that I thought the husband wouldn’t have enough time to take care of his dog or that I suspected it would all end up on my plate.  The reality is that I have a fourth child and he needs to be taken care of (obviously).  All of my reading beforehand still has me showing my inexperience.

Never fear, dear reader, I have done what all reasonable people do – scheduled an appointment with the groomer!


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