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What’s for Dinner – Oh &%(*!

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At some point in your dinner journey, there will be an afternoon when you realize that you have made a slight error (Oh shit!) and might possibly have to face the hungry hordes without anything in hand to feed them.  This is particularly tricky when you have given up on canned beans for no other reason than it feels right.  Instead of panicking, let “quick soak beans” be your mantra followed by deep breathing and a good deal of frantic movement.  When it’s all said and done remember, you’re only human and that it could be worse.  A LOT worse!

There are a few repeats on this week’s menu from last week.  I consider it my testament to meal planning in the real world and a bonus for the following week because I already have a few of the meals filled in.  I’ve also pulled in several recipes from my “Savory” Pinterest board because I felt like we were falling into a new rut and I’m all about keeping things interesting.


Tonight’s dinner will be savory bean burgers and skillet potatoes from “The Vegetarian Family Cookbook.”  The dough for homemade pita bread is rising as we speak.  The salad is leftover from last week and has lettuce, cabbage, fennel, cucumber, green pepper, green onion, carrot, radish and broccoli florets.  So yummy!

Frozen Dinner Monday is closely related to Frozen Dinner Friday.

Sloppy Chicks is from Kristy at Keepin’ it Kind.  We’re having ours on top of homemade buns (maybe, um, probably, or then again maybe not) with a side of baked sweet potato fries and a green salad.

Enchiladas are from Stephanie at Trans-Planted.  I’ll be making mine with tempeh and cheese, the later making it vegetarian, not vegan.  For color, there will be a jicama salad.

Lentil Tacos are from Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes.  I usually have an aversion to serving two tortilla based meals back-to-back, but owing to a slight re-shuffling of our plans for the coming weekend and the meals I most wanted to have when the husband would join us, I have instead decided to break my own rule and just go with it.  You won’t hear me complaining.  As with the enchiladas, these will be vegetarian, not vegan so that sour cream and cheddar cheese can make an appearance.

Rice Bowls are back by popular demand.  The folks here will be able to choose from tasty toppings like bulgogi, marinated sprouted tofu, red pepper, green pepper, sesame collards, bean sprouts, shitake mushrooms, cilantro, and lime.  Everyone has their very own pair of chopsticks (including the training kind for the chopstick-ly challenged and for the younger kids).  You wouldn’t believe the joyous chorus that greeted me when the kids found this one out!

Thai steak salad (Cookus Interruptus video here) will be served over soba noodles (Cookus Interruptus video here) with peanut sauce (Cookus Interruptus video here) and mango salsa (Cookus Interruptus video here) on the side courtesy of Cynthia Lair’s “Feeding the Whole Family: Recipes for Babies, Young Children, and Their Parents.”

What about you, dear reader? What’s on your plate?


One thought on “What’s for Dinner – Oh &%(*!

  1. I just had to comment on this because of your “given up on canned beans for no other reason than it feels right” comment… which struck me because I’ve been doing the same thing for no good reason other than my belief that everything is contaminated with BPA these days. (I’m not paranoid about everything, I swear, but sometimes it feels like it!)

    I’m loving catching up on your blog. I’m overhauling mine… do you mind if I link you in my blogroll?