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Tuesday Inspiration


I currently find myself in the yawning gap between idea and ability.  I’m apparently unable to sew or cut a straight line to save my own life.  If I square up a block, and then another follows after me, it is sadly not actually square.  Great lines, crisp points, construction that doesn’t appear as if the constructor were drunk (which, for the record, I’m not)?  Apparently not within my skill set at this time.  None of which even addresses large quilts and why I should probably re-work all of my current projects into wall hangings.  Wall hangings I think can handle.  Or maybe I should swear it off altogether and stick with improv.

Picnic blanket?  What about picnic sit-upons (and, yes, I was once a Girl Scout)?

So, in the interests of focusing on the things that aren’t currently frustrating, I thought instead that I would focus on the things I do find inspiring.  Seeing as looking at someone else’s work does not require any appreciable skills on my part, this, dear reader, is completely within the realm of my abilities.

Advanced Style – I found a link to this over on a post at Derfwad Manor and I have to say, I *love* this.  Real people and not skinny, young, stick-ish things?  Oh, yes, please.  I am not fashionable unless jeans and a v-neck t-shirt counts as stylish, but someday maybe I might be and if I do, please let me be more like the folks pictured there.

A chevron quilt with ah-mah-zing quilting – As in the sorts of transformational things that happen with machine and thread.  Most definitely.

Beth Copeland’s “Lucky” and Susan Strong’s “STELLA” as pictured over at See How We Sew – Such wonderfully bright fabrics, a good dose of neutral, and more fantastic quilting.  *sigh*

So there you have it, the things I find inspiring today (although honestly, the first title I came up with for this post was “things that don’t suck”).  What about you?  What do you find most inspiring when you…aren’t?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Inspiration

  1. I like your last “title” suggestion better.