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What’s for Dinner – Daddy did it

Today’s menu is a bit late because I began the day with a bloody mary and breakfast out sans children and husband (but with my sister and parents) and then there was the requisite grocery shopping at the crazy busy grocery store (before the church people get out because they tend to be pushy).  Since then there’s been the usual unloading and putting away.




I don’t think life really ever slows down around here, although the smell of bacon cooking upstairs (and the matching BLT to go with it – darn you Hellman’s commercials!) helps just the slightest bit.  On the other hand?  I really had planned on sewing the day away yesterday and today in honor of World Wide Quilting Day.  So.  You know.

IMG_1652As part of my grand plan to sew like a mad woman (more on the pfaffness/pfaffstration later), I asked the husband if he would please make the meal plan for the coming week:

“Well, it won’t be as fancy as when you make it.”

“I don’t care.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Tonight, in honor of Cu Chulainn Day (St. Patrick’s Day to the rest of the world), we’re going to have reuben sandwiches and curly fries with a side of watermelon because I hate cooked cabbage.  Warm sauerkraut?  Yes.  Cooked cabbage?  Yech!

Frozen Dinner Monday is closely related to Frozen Dinner Friday.

Blueberry Muffin Pancakes from Minimalist Baker are a repeat.  Yes, dear reader, they really were that good.  We’ll round ours out with some breakfast sausage and scrambled eggs.

Wednesday, being the Vernal Equinox, means the husband will be home with us all day because it’s a holiday.  Seeing as we don’t celebrate Easter (because we’re not Christians, obviously), we’re going to be doing our own thing.  Macaroni and Cheese comes from Nava Atlas’ “The Vegetarian Family Cookbook” which will be topped by the decidedly omnivorous pulled pork just like that one the husband loves so much at Noodles.  Having retained editorial control over the meal plan, I’ve also added in a salad so that at least something plant like would be eaten this week.  If everything goes according to plan there will probably be a fire outside (provided the yard isn’t too squishy and it isn’t raining).

Frozen pizza is fairly self-explanatory plus more salad.

Tempeh tacos is closely related to last week’s nachos.  What can I say?  They’re tasty.

Saturday we’ll be busy, busy, busy so dinner’s out.  Location?  TBD.

What about you, dear reader?  What’s on your plate?


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