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Book #5 is Finished!


cwYesterday we finished book #5 of our 2013 Read Aloud Project, “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White.  A fast read, a cute story, Garth William’s wonderful illustrations.  Yup!  Loved it all around!

We’ve already started book #6, “The Trumpet of the Swan” by E.B. White.  It’s the second of three E.B. White books I have planned for this year.  On to the next!

Looking for more reasons to read aloud to your children?  Patricia Zaballos of wonderfarm had a fantastic blog post last week that talks a bit about the link between reading aloud and a child’s development as a writer.  It’s also the third part of a three-part series on how homeschooling parents can become their children’s writing mentor.  Not a homeschooling parent?  Still oodles to read there for anyone with children in their lives.

Here’s to more language rich homes!

5 thoughts on “Book #5 is Finished!

  1. It is a very sweet, sweet book.

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  3. I am not a home schooling parent but we read a lot, I have a five year old. We love Roald Dahl. We just finished….Mr Fantastic Fox, My magic finger and The twits. Surprisingly enough we took a chance with a slightly larger book….Charlie and the chocolate factory and he is loving it!!!!

    We have Charlotte’s web on our list too to read this year. I think it is a great gift to give all children, reading to them 🙂

    • I think read alouds are important for any family – so glad to hear that your family enjoys read alouds. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was our first read aloud. Such a good book! :0)