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WIP Wednesday – A Little of This and a Little of That


But mostly this:


I added in another Dear Stella fabric to finish out the piecing, opting for larger pieces on the inside of the quilt rather than putting borders on it – mostly because borders always give me trouble. The top ended up finishing out at 64 1/2″ square (just shy of my target 65″ square).

Now all I have to do is piece the back, cut the batting to size, and get it basted. I’m pondering whether or not I’ll do the quilting on this one. When they’re larger than a wall hanging or table runner I usually send them out to my quilter (also known as my mom). I did the same with Shattered, which is quite a bit smaller than this one. My only excuse being that I was thinking of straight line quilting which I think will work well with the top and that’s something I like to think I can handle.

I feel like I should mention a disclaimer here because if you read here long enough you’re probably thinking that Shattered been out for a long time, but we’re on a “I’m not in a hurry” understanding. She’s just waiting on my say so and I’m thinking I like the process a great deal more than the finishing. Not so coincidentally, it helps me avoid putting the binding on which is precisely what I will continue to do once it comes back. I hate doing the binding.

Well, mostly I hate hand stitching. It makes my hands cramp up all funny. On the other hand, I don’t like the way binding looks when folks machine stitch it on.


There you go.


Also Finished This Week:

Quick Finishes (or the “finish it already!!” group):


  • Shattered – needs quilting and binding
  • fleece quilt (pictured here) – need to finish sewing nine patch blocks, need to finish sewing together rows and then needs some sort of binding to help keep it square-ish – but mostly waiting on inspiration.

In Progress:

The Great Big Wish/To Do List:


From “Sewing in No Time” by Emma Hardy:

  • fireplace screen
  • drawstring toy bags
  • fabric covered storage box
  • floor pillows
  • floral pillow with ties

From “Quilt Revival” by Nancy Mahoney:

  • 30′s Shadow Star

From “Oliver+S Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson:

  • tutu (x2)
  • reversible bucket hat (x3)

From Oliver+S:

From “Little Stitches” by Aneela Hoey:

  • Empire State Building Needle Case
  • Rain, Rain Go Away Hanging Hoop

From “Liberty Book of Home Sewing” by Liberty of London:

  • Sugar Bag Doorstop
  • Toiletry Bag
  • Bean Bag
  • Keepsake Board
  • Lampshade

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14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – A Little of This and a Little of That

  1. It’s like a puzzle. I like the red background. (I am so over Kona Snow right now.) You could try quilting it yourself and if it goes awry send it to your mom. I am making a concerted effort to better my machine quilting, and I think it’s good for me, like leafy greens or something.

    • Putting it together was a bit like a puzzle so your description is particularly apt! :0) I’m always a bit amazed by the incidence of Kona Snow these days. I can only get white locally and both seemed like asking for trouble with a picnic blanket. With three small children. lol

      I’m thinking it’s Poppy…it was one of the new Kona colors that I had in a charm pack and seemed to coordinate nicely. I didn’t start out thinking it would be the main fabric, but I’m really glad that’s how it turned out.

      I think I agree with you on the quilting. I can always cry “Uncle!” If it goes pear shaped and it would give me a chance to out Herbert (my new sewing machine) through his paces. Now all I need to do is pick out the thread to go with it. I’m thinking something to match the Kona solid…

      :0) Definitely like leafy greens! If you blog/share your quilts online, I’d love to see them. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The picnic blanket looks so nice!

  3. Such a long list. I don’t mind the binding or even doing it by machine sometimes, but I still have some tops waiting to be quilted. I avoided quilting for so long because of the king quilt top. Well that wasn’t bad so I’m trying to clear up the back log. What is that fire place screen?

    • It’s more of a dream list, I suppose, than a hard and fast “to do” list. Wish list? Something like that anyway. I’m completely ok with leaving some projects never started. The fireplace screen is just some MDF cut to size and held together with a piano hinge (I think) so that the panels can fold up or stand up. I wanted to make one that was tall enough (and wide enough) to cover up the mauve tiles that are around my fireplace while also discouraging small children (and pets) from playing with the fireplace.

      We have a gas fireplace that opens up in front. We never (never, never) use it – in fact we have the gas turned off to it in the basement because when they did the weatherizing at our house (sealing up leaks and such so that it’s a bit tighter and more efficient) they could tell that it was leaking. I’d much rather take the thing out and gain space in the living room which is a just the tiniest bit of sacrilege, I know. In the meantime, I thought an attractive bit of color would be greatly preferrable.

      Have fun quilting – I’m sure the backlog will fly by in comparison with a king size top!

  4. I don’t mind saying… my jaw is on the ground. LOVE this quilt!

  5. I LOVE how random it is, but yet it all goes together. Awesome job!

  6. Beautiful quilt top! Haha- I don’t know why but I love hand stitching the binding. But I suppose if my hands cramped up I wouldn’t like it either.

    • My mom feels the same way that you do about stitching on the binding. And, yes, I probably would like it better if my hands didn’t cramp up at the same time. I have problems when holding down rulers (darn hypermobile joints!) so I suspect it might be somewhat related.

  7. Thank you so much for supporting my blog – I enjoy your blog so much I am nominating your blog for a Liebster Award. Check out the rules and the questions here: http://factotum-of-arts.com/2013/03/29/liebster-award/

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