Under the Maple Canopy

Singing Union Songs Since 2009


Today we’re:
Listening to music (though not all of us are sitting  backwards on a rocking chair) and taking pictures.  Old favorites.  Finding out we’re missing a few.  Oh, my!  Photo shoot with willing kids.  Picture me!  Picture me!  Discovering that I’m not such a bad photographer after all and that there’s no reason to go down to JcPenney to get Boo’s picture taken.  Oh, and that ordering prints through iPhoto is cheap.


Finding a new spot for the Buddha to sit seeing as certain people can’t keep their fingers out of the water and his old home was on my refinished antique sewing machine. We’re just going to call what happened there…character.  This one’s in the kitchen below the chalkboard that’s going to be home to our weekly menu plan because I’m not homeschooling anymore and I think it would be pretty.  I picked this cabinet (made from spark plug crates) up at an antique store many moons ago.  Discovering that I need to go antique shopping…like yesterday.


The cabinet is also home to our books.  According to our librarian (the second grader) this is where the non-fiction books belong.  He loves to label things in the house.  I had to start buying masking tape for the kids to use because keeping them in scotch tape was getting expensive.  Missing homeschooling and reminding myself several times a day that school was a good thing for a kid that blossomed into a writer when I had to cajole him into writing each. and. every. word.


A fresh tablescape with the table runner made by my mom and some placemats I got from Ikea who knows when and were sitting lost and forlorn on top of the dryer.  Oh, and art.  Lots of art with the beeswax blocks that never really caught on with the kids until recently.  Wishing that we had done more of this last year and less spelling, grammar, and pulling along.


Seriously amazing quilting.  I’ve sat with this here tablerunner for a good long while just looking at the quilting and still find something new every time I look at it.  This one’s going to be coming off and on the table several times a day.  No food-y hands on the tablerunner, please!

IMG_0897Lunch.  A mess in the microwave.  Sun bread.  Cheesy popcorn.  Birthday party plans.  Evites.  Playing in the snow.  Puppy.  Yelling a time or two to please stop fighting(!).  Referee.  Alarm clock.

A good day.