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Cookies for Yule – #6 Chocolate Pillow Cookies

A few weeks back the family and I got together with my mom and dad to make some tasty holiday cookies.

Even Remus got to make the trip and had a grand time playing with Sadie’s toys.  We were rather pleased with their ability to get along which unfortunately did not extend to our trip away.  Sadie’s your typical small dog and seemed uncertain about the big dog so far away from her home turf.  At home?  No problem.  She’s the queen of the castle and as long as she can hide Remus’ bully stick in her kennel, it’s all good.  Poor Sadie, he’s only going to get bigger.  Perhaps we just needed more bully sticks?  Who would have though bull pizzle would have been so important?

Or that we would be talking about bull pizzle in a post about cookies?



These chocolate pillow cookies (recipe over on my mom’s blog) were so spectacular that they broke the cookie press.  I’m thinking a little extra moisture was in order.  Not pictured were the red ones which went through the back-up cookie press with no problems.  Not to worry, we bought a good old aluminum Mirro cookie press for next year.  If you’re planning on making this recipe I would highly suggest picking a vintage one up yourself (or the one Williams and Sonoma used to sell) because the plastic ones just aren’t the same.

I haven’t made any more progress in my seven kinds of cookies for Yule challenge.  I’m still hopeful that I’ll work in number seven before the year is finished seeing as that’s the point at which I consider the Yuletide season over.  Honestly?  It’s looking doubtful.  I may just have to make this a six kind of cookie holiday and shoot for the proper odd number next year.


Puppy Approved

Today was Remus’ first real snow fall.  This to him seemed like the perfect time to race around like Sir Crazy Dog.

When the three-year-old let him in, he spent the entire time sitting and staring at me in the kitchen.  Can I go out now?


To quote my dad, it’s like the world’s largest ice-cube tray.

IMG_0590So much snow, so little time.